Bedlington Terrier Breed

Bedlington Terrier :

General Information
Dog Name: Bedlington Terrier
Dog breed Group: Terrier dogs
Size Category: Small dog breeds
Height: Ranges from one foot, three inches to one foot, four inches (measured from the shoulder).
Weight: Ranges from 17 to 23 pounds.
Lifespan: Ranges from 14 to 16 years.

Brief History
As the name suggests, the Bedlington Terrier first became known in Bedlington, a town in the north of England. Prior to its arrival in the UK, it's thought that this breed was travelling across Europe with bands of gypsies, who kept them around to kill small vermin such as badgers and rats. Bedlington Terriers are fast runners, and English factory workers would often race them against Whippets (a similarly quick breed). In the early twentieth century it became fashionable to trim the Bedlington Terrier's fur in the distinctive way which is now so recognizable. 

Dog Breed Characteristics

A. Protection Ability
Bedlington Terriers are constantly alert and are reasonably intelligent. These traits make them good watch dogs, and they will loudly alert their owners to any unusual goings on.

B. Ease of Training
This breed can be trained, but it's important that they believe that the tasks are beneficial to them in some way – they can be very stubborn. With a skilled trainer, this breed can be successfully trained to obedience.

C. Playfulness
The Bedlington Terrier is an affectionate, gentle breed which adores playing with their owners and young children. Whilst they can be aggressive towards other dogs, this instinct doesn't extend to humans.

D. Exercise needs
As high-energy dogs, Bedlington Terriers spend most of each day running and staying active. They enjoy daily walks and will chase smaller animals if given the chance.

E. Adaptability
This is a relatively easy breed for the novice owner. They are happy living in a variety of settings,are great with children and can be left alone throughout the day.