Akita Breed

Akita :

General Information
Dog Name: Akita
Dog breed Group: Working dogs
Size Category: Large dog breeds
Height: Ranges from two feet to two feet, four inches (measured from the shoulder).
Weight: Ranges from 70 to 130 pounds.
Lifespan: Ranges from 10 to 12 years.

Brief History
The Akita can be traced back to the seventeenth century, where it had the honour of guarding Japanese royalty. It was an ideal career for the Akita, as this breed is famed for its fearlessness and devotion to its family. Perhaps the most famous member of this breed was Hachiko, a Japanese national treasure who so loved their owner that they continued to walk to his workplace every afternoon for ten years after he had passed away. After World War II many American soldiers brought Akitas back to the USA, and as the years passed the American Akita, a more robust version of the breed, grew in popularity.

Dog Breed Characteristics

A. Protection Ability
The Akita is considered to be one of the very best guard dogs. They are alert, intelligent, and they have no qualms with taking down an intruder – they even interpret prolonged eye contact as a threat.

B. Ease of Training
This is not an easy breed to train. Akitas want to be dominant, and so owners must be vigilant and firm to keep control of their pet. Even experienced dog-owners may need assistance from a professional dog trainer.

C. Playfulness
Whilst the Akita is aloof with strangers, they shower their owners in affection. They want to be involved in all family activities, and their overpowering presence can sometimes be a challenge.

D. Exercise needs
Akitas need up to an hour of daily exercise. They enjoy walking, jogging and playing in the garden, but they should always be kept on a lead when in public, as they are very aggressive towards other dogs.

E. Adaptability
Caring for an Akita is challenging. They need a large living space, hate being left alone for long periods of time and they are not stranger-friendly. Only experienced and determined owners should attempt to care for this breed.